Checking of design/redesign & proof check of Rail cum Road Bridge, Munger


Mar, 2015

Client: East Central Railway, Patna
Project Year: 2009

The project involves Checking of design/redesign & proof check of foundation, substructure and superstructure for 25t loading standard – 2008, of Rail cum Road Bridge, Munger.

The scope of project involves redesign the superstructure and check the existing design of foundation and substructure for enhanced railway loads as per ‘25t loading standard – 2008’ and issue of Good for Construction (GFC) Drawing.

The project includes:

  • 125.00m & 32.60m spans of Two-level through type Steel Truss Bridge over River Ganga
  • RCC Twin Circular Pier with RCC Pier cap
  • Double D shaped well foundation

Consulting Services provided for the project include:

  • Preparation of Design Basis Note
  • Checking of existing design and drawings for ‘25t loading – 2008’ and identification of possible strengthening/modifications
  • Preparation of Detailed design & drawing with proof checking for ‘25t loading – 2008
  • Design support during construction
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