Detailed Design of North Return Wall at Kakinanda Port


May, 2015

Client: Kakinada Seaports Limited, Kakinada
Project Year: 2009

M/s Kakinada Seaports Limited propose to develop a berth as an extension of North return wall (NRW). The berth is dual purpose berth i.e., multipurpose berth as well as rig / ship repair facility at Kakinada Port to berth of 60,000 DWT vessel with dredge level of (-)12.0m CD.
The wharf includes a piled structure 640m long connected to the backup area by three approaches, the interface of sea and land is done by a Diaphragm wall structure of about 200m long to accomidate 10,000 DWT vessels. In order to facilitate movement of slewing crane with cargo into the workshop area & crane parking , the crane rails are extended into land by land piling of 100m long .
The backup area is reclaimed by hydraulic fill & inview of the weak marine clay subsoil, the ground improved by band drains. The backup area is proposed to be developed by providing roads, drains and hard surfacing.

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