Detailed Engineering of Barge at Gabon, West Central Africa


Feb, 2016

Client: Olam International Limited 

Year: 2016

M/s. Olam International Limited (Olam), Singapore in partnership with Government of Gabon under the name “Gabon Special Economic Zone Mineral Port S.A” is developing a Mineral Terminal at Libreville, Gabon.

As part of the development, a barge berth has been proposed at the terminal area. Gabon Special Economic Zone Mineral Port S.A has already floated the tender considering sheet pile with a tie back and requested LNTIEL to carry out adequacy check and to do the detailed engineering for capping beam for the proposed barge berth.

The structural system of the Barge Berth is continuous sheet pile wall both front and back and connected by  tie rods, the berth length 170m and maximum retained soil height is approximately  8m.

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