L&T Infrastructure Engineering Ltd. is one of India’s leading Engineering Consulting firms offering superior technical services in transport infrastructure. The company has extensive experience both in India and Globally, delivering single point ‘Concept to Commissioning’ consulting services for infrastructure projects like airports, roads, bridges, ports and maritime structure including environment, transport planning and other related services. Established in 1998 as L&T-Rambøll Consulting Engineers Limited, the company became the wholly owned subsidiary of L&T in September 2014. Today, L&T Infra Engineering is an independent corporate entity managed by a Board of Directors. The company enjoys complete freedom to set and pursue its goals with the advantage of drawing, as and when required, on the six decades of technical and managerial prowess of L&T Infrastructure Engineering Limited.

Managed by a Board of Directors, the day-to-day operations are mandated to a Chief Executive, ably assisted by a Chief of Operations. L&T Infra Engineering is structured under Three Departments – Ports & Environment, Bridges & Metros, Roads & Airports each headed by a Department Head. Teams of highly qualified, experienced and motivated professionals man these departments. The organization offers a stimulating and creative work environment with emphasis on continuous training.

At L&T Infra Engineering, the large and well organized team of experts work in a seamlessly integrated manner – across departments, functions & physical locations. The VPN connectivity offers one touch video conferencing among all the offices and removing the limitations of geographical location of people.

L&T Infra Engineering has invested heavily in Cutting-edge Technology that not only deliver solutions faster but are well tested to stand the multitude of challenges of the future.

Driven by a “Client First” philosophy, L&T Infra Engineering is particular about ensuring best-in-class work practices to deliver timely solutions to clients that are appropriate & implementable. The organization is committed to ensuring high ethical standards and protection of the intellectual property of its clients. Only licensed software is used by the organization.

Anand Pandey (ADP)
Chief Executive
Email: Ceo@Lntiel.com

Syed Munaver Ali (SMA)
Chief of Operations
Email: Lntielchn@Lntiel.com

Venkatram. P. G (PGV)
Chief Technology Officer
Email: Ceo@Lntiel.com

Chief of Operations
Email: Lntielchn@Lntiel.com


Sanjiv Kumar.B
Head–Special Bridges
Email: Bridges@Lntiel.com


Rajesh.P. R
Head – Ports & Environment
Email: ports@Lntiel.com


Sunil Kumar. N
Head – Ports & Highway Structures
Email: nsk@Lntiel.com


Head – Geotechnical
Email: kvs@Lntiel.com
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