Model Studies and Survey Supervision for Revalidation of Design Parameters for SPM at Mundra for HMPL


Mar, 2015

Client: HPCL-Mittal Pipelines Limited
Project Year: 2013

HPCL – Mittal Pipelines Limited (HMPL) has setup an offshore Single Point Mooring (SPM) import terminal and associated submarine pipeline system in Mundra Port waters, Gujarat in the year 2010 to receive crude for their refinery at Bathinda, Punjab. The SPM was located around 10km from LFP when installed. However, Mundra port has dredged the area between the SPM and the land fall point and has reclaimed approximately 3 km land for development of their south port. HMPL perceives that the change in shoreline would have changed the met-ocean parameters including hydrodynamics around the SPM location. In this regard, L&T Infra Engineering was assigned to be their owner’s representatives to carry out survey supervision, analyse the measured meteorological and oceanographic data collected for a period of one year and also to carry out the met-ocean investigations through mathematical model studies using the collected data at the SPM location for the design improvement of the same. The objectives of the study are as follows

  • Analysis of current, wind, tide and wave data collected from field.
  • Tidal hydrodynamic study to determine flow field, extreme currents and the storm surge at the location / vicinity of SPM
  • Hind-casting of the collected data such as current, wind, tide, wave, water quality collected for a period of one year near the SPM
  • Wave transformation study to determine the extreme wave condition and to estimate significant wave heights for 5,10,25,50 and 100 years return period at/near SPM
  • To determine accurately the maximum and minimum levels of parameters such as wave, wind, tide and currents during operational (tanker moored) condition
  • To determine the wave heights due to storm that have passed in the vicinity of the project location and to establish wave heights associated with different return periods
  • Storm surge model study to estimate the increase in water level that can occur due to storm
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