Multi-modal Integration along Chennai Suburban Line


Aug, 2018

Project Name: Preparation of Multi Modal Integration Plan for Suburban Rail Stations from Vyasarpadi Jiva to Thiruninravur in Chennai Metropolitan Area (CMA)

Client: Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA)

Project Year: 2013

Project Description: Within the overall and long-term vision of creating environmentally sustainable, economically viable and pedestrian friendly Chennai, Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) has set an objective of increasing the Public Transportation (PT) share to 70% from the existing 41% by 2026. Towards this goal, CMDA has planned to improve sub-urban rail/ MRTS utilization by improving accessibility, circulation and multi-modal integration. In this regard, CMDA planned to prepare Development Plan for the Multi-Modal Integration of all the MRTS & Sub-urban Rail Stations in Chennai Metropolitan Area (CMA). With MRTS line extending from Velachery till St. Thomas Mount and implementation of Phase-I of Metro system in the city, it will be a good opportunity to achieve multi-modal integration to promote usage of public transportation system.

The broad objectives of the study includes, delineation of the public transport influence area for each station, ensuring physical inter-connectivity among the various transit systems, provision of parking facilities, ensuring reliable feeder services and installation of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) for smooth and easy access/ dispersal of passengers from one mode to the other.

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