Client: V O Chidambaranar Port Trust, Thoothukkudi

Project Year: 2016


The project is to prepare a DPR for Deepening of the harbour basin & approach channel and modify harbour entrance to handle fully loaded Panamax vessels of 15.2 m draft. The entire dredging is proposed to be carried out in three phases as given below.

Phase I: Entrance channel, Inner harbour area including turning circle, CJ-I, CJ-II, proposed coal jetty CJ-III, Oil jetty, berths 1 to 6 (proposed container terminals CT-1, CT-2 7 CT-3), NCB-III (up to (-)10.7m CD)

Phase II: Berth No.7, Berth No. 8, Berth No.9, North Cargo berths, NCB-I and NCB-II

Phase III: North Cargo berths, NCB-III and NCB-IV, Shallow berth, General Cargo Berths, GCB- I (up to (-) 7.7m CD) & GCB-II, Coastguard and Navy berths (up to (-) 10.0m CD), Bulk cargo berth, manoeuvring area including second turning circle

Existing Harbour entrance of 153m is widened to 230m. Turning circle of diameter 480m is increased to 550m. The length of the approach channel is increased to 10.3km.

Three reclamation bunds are proposed to reclaim the dredged material. Total reclamation area is about 170 hectares.


  • Study of deepening of harbour and channel to cater vessels of draft to (-)15.2m
  • Stability analysis for existing structures of port berths, Rectification/Remedial measures if any required
  • Design of channel width and entrance width, stopping distance, turning circle
  • Tranquillity study
  • Real time navigation simulation study
  • Identification of dumping location, suitability of dredged material for reclamation, design of reclamation bund
  • Relocation of Oil jetty
  • Widening of harbour entrance
  • Preparation of dredging and reclamation layouts, development plan,
  • Quantity and cost estimation of dredging (Phase wise) and reclamation, methodology of dredging, capacity of dredger
  • Cost estimate and financial viability analysis
  • Project implementation schedule
  • Preparation of Pre-Feasibility report, DPR

About Project

5 August, 2017
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