Oil Spill Risk Assessment and Preparation of ESI Map

L&T Shipbuilding Limited intended to carry out oil spill risk assessment study and prepare oil spill contingency plan for the Kattupalli shipyard cum minor port. The study requires carrying out oil spill modelling to assess the risk of oil spill and its impacts on the sensitive environment in the vicinity.

With the above background LTSB awarded the study to L&T Infra Engineering for the preparation of oil spill risk assessment and contingency plan. This report covers the oil spill model study for quantitative impact assessment of spilled oil for different environment scenario, location and spill quantity. The objectives of the study were as follows

  • Setting up  a calibrated hydrodynamic model with the measured tide and current
  • Identification of environmental scenario representative of different seasons
  • Hydrodynamic simulations for representative environmental scenarios
  • Oil spill simulation for different hydrodynamic scenario and different  spill quantities
  • Prediction of weathering characteristics of spilled oils at different time intervals
  • Prediction of spillage area at different time intervals to estimate the risk to nearby sensitive areas
  • Quantitative assessment of the impact for each environmental scenario
  • Identify and map the different coastal features, Geomorphology, Coastal ecology from recent satellite image (LISS III /LISS IV)
  • Study the coastal ecosystem according to their sensitivities to oil spill
  • Carry out risk assessment for the oil spill and preparation of contingency plan
  • Preparation of ESI map for the Kattupalli coast

About Project

L&T Shipbuilding Limited
19 February, 2015
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