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The Environmental Management Team provides extensive services to a wide range of clients to help them to meet the country’s environmental regulations. In that context all regulations, policies, standards, codes etc are designed to attain at least a minimum quality or standards in our actions for achieving sustainable development.

Sustainable development on the other hand is the net effect of economic viability, social acceptability and finally the environmental sustainability. The Environmental Management Services are destined to achieve all these by means of best practices in combination with the project specific needs. It has a distinctive approach to the ENVIRONMENT – characterized by expertise, knowledge and passion, and founded on high ethical standards and a holistic business philosophy. This approach and the whole hearted determination to exceed expectations ensure that it produces imaginative, exacting and sustainable solutions for every project.

LNTIEL has a full team of professionals (coordinators and experts). The skills of these coordinators and experts are continuously enhanced to suit the latest requirements of the market. Services of an eminent panel of expert consultants (Empanelled consultants) are also available to LNTIEL. Further, the quality improvements as a part of QCI-NABET and their accreditation are expected to add additional business both in terms of higher returns and business opportunities. Unlike ISO Certification, the stringent NABET certification is actually removing all odd consultants leading to the precipitation of very few qualified consultants in the market. The process is expected to take a couple of more years as more fine tuning is required in this process.

Apart from these, LNTIEL also does various other environmental management services such as Environmental Monitoring Projects.

LNTIEL has been accredited by QCI-NABET for Twelve sectors:


Various sectors that have been covered under Environmental Management are the following:

  • Ports, harbours, break waters and dredging
  • Thermal power plants
  • Industrial estates/ parks/ complexes/ Areas, export processing zones(EPZs), Special economic zones (SEZs), Biotech parks, leather complexes
  • River valley projects
  • Highways
  • Air ports
  • Mining of minerals including Open cast only
  • Offshore and onshore oil and gas exploration, development & production
  • Synthetic organic chemicals industry (dyes & dye intermediates; bulk drugs and intermediates excluding drug formulations; synthetic rubbers; basic organic chemicals, other synthetic organic chemicals and chemical intermediates)
  • Common municipal solid waste management facility (CMSWMF)
  • Building and construction projects
  • Townships and Area development projects
  • Roads and Airports

Environmental Management Services

Most of the Environmental consultancy services requested by clients have been for meeting regulatory compliance under National and State legislations. Other than breaking the legal hurdles in their growth plans, there had been very few serious seekers for genuine Environmental Management solutions. The QCI-NABET accreditation is expected to open up numerous growth opportunities both in terms of higher compensation, business volume and the number of clients. So far till date no visible changes (no change in crucial fee part) other than increased enquiries are seen in the Business scenario.

With a much bigger team of qualified senior and middle level professionals from diverse fields as defined and explained in QCI-NABET, LNTIEL will be in a position to take projects from International funding agencies like ADB, World Bank, etc. For these agencies, other than meeting simple regulatory compliance, preparation of comprehensive operational EMPs is the core document to be prepared. LNTIEL is in a position to prepare Operational EMPs for operational sing the various mitigation and environmental enhance measures in to the project at respective stages (preconstruction, construction and operational phases).The core Idea of our strength and nature of working is provided in our EIA brochure that can be accessed through the link provided. The more elaborate and specific details of our work experience and the strength of our core team are provided in the capability Statement of the LNTIEL environmental team.It can be downloaded from following links.


Capability Statement of Environment Management Team

Brochure of Environment Management Team

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