As with global trends, in transportation systems, Metro rail, Mono rail and Mass rapid transportation system are becoming a norm in every major city in India due to rapid urbanization and congestion of roads.

A decade of “Concept to Commissioning” stage experience

LNTIEL have years of experience in metro rail projects. LNTIEL has knowledge in using international codes such as UIC, EURO Code and AASTHO and Indian codes.

LNTIEL has expertise in planning and design of metro station building both elevated and underground stations. LNTIEL designed long viaducts using segmental construction technology and designed long span bridges up to 83m using both steel and concrete bridges. Construction methodology followed for long span bridges is balanced cantilever method using both precast and cast-in-situ segments. LNTIEL carried out rail structure analysis as per UIC requirements and detailed designs for viaduct and station buildings. LNTIEL has provided services to EPC contractors, owners and concessionaire. LNTIEL is one among the leading consultants most sought after metro projects.

Some of the Land mark projects include

  • Delhi metro rail project
  • Bangalore metro rail project
  • Chennai metro rail project
  • Mumbai monorail project
  • Project Management Consultancy
  • Hyderabad metro rail project

Types of Structures:

  • Metro Station
  • Metro Viaduct – Standard & Long spans
  • Metro ROB’s & Mono rail Viaduct
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