Port Planning

The Port Planning group has vast experience in planning Greenfield Ports and Specialised Terminals. It has got a team of experts working in Traffic projections, Vessel size analysis, Port Layout and Master plan, Planning of entrance channels, Dredging studies, Navigation studies and handling systems for a complete port on an individual terminals such as dry bulk, liquid bulk, container and break bulk cargo and also conducting Financial Viability Studies and Project Structuring

Numerical Modelling

LNTIEL is one of the very few consultancy organisation having its own Ocean Engineering and Waterways modelling software and highly qualified personnel to Simulate and interpret the results of the software. It has the latest software’s in the field of Mathematical Modelling for conducting various studies including Shore-line Evolution, Wave Tranquillity, Sedimentation, Dredge Spoil Disposal, pollutant dispersion and Hydrodynamics.

Software used include : Mike21, Telemac, SWAN, ACES, Cormix and In-house Software

Investigations, Surveys and Physical Model Studies

LTIE assists clients in carrying out investigations and surveys to effectively cater for the concerned project requirement by preparing specifications, identifying suitable agencies,providing supervision and reviewing the results. These include field surveys, laboratory tests, physical modelling and navigational simulation.

Bid Process Management

Provides Front End Engineering and Design, Tender Engineering, Preparation of Tender Documents, Drawings and BoQs, Tender Evaluation etc.

Detailed Engineering

This group is specialised in the Design of all types of Marine Structures including Berths, Jetties, Mooring Dolphins, Slipways, Shipyard water front structures, Reclamation bunds, and other structures like Intake and Outfall Systems for Power plants and Desalination Plants. Capable of providing timely and cost effective solutions for various Contractors and Concessionaries adopting value engineering principles in the best tradition of the company.


This group is involved in the planning, preliminary engineering and detailed design of different types of Breakwaters and shore protection measures. The group also provides assistance in conducting physical model studies.

Maintenance & Rehabilitation

Monitoring and maintenance of structures is very important for the life of the structure. Accordingly, LNTIEL is involved in visual inspection of structures, under water Videography and NDT testing for identification of damages. Subsequently LNTIEL is also involved in providing solutions for rehabilitation.

Environmental Impact Assessment

LTIEL provide extensive range of environmental services to enable the clients to get timely clearances.

Project Management Consultancy

Excellent team of Site Engineers with sound knowledge of marine environment, Construction of Marine structures, Contract Management, Quality Assurance etc. LNTIEL has provided PMC services for projects involving Piled Structures, Diaphragm wall structures,OSV facilities, Slipway, Outfitting Jetty, Securing Dolphins,Dredging Projects, Reclamation Projects,Ground Improvement works,Backup area development.

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