Design of Intake & Outfall for Power Plant at Tuticorin, Tamil nadu


Mar, 2015

Client:Coastal Energen Private Limited
Project Year: 2010

Coastal Energen Private Limited is developing 2×600 MW Thermal Power Plant at Melamaruthur Village of Tuticorin district, Tamil Nadu. In order to meet the requirements of cooling water, Coastal Energen proposes to draw seawater and discharge the effluents back into the sea. L&T Infra Engineering was assigned to design the required intake-outfall system. The services included providing a conceptual design for the Intake-Outfall System, preparing a technical specification, assisting the client in preparation of the tender bids and in choosing the best bidder and to carry out the detailed engineering design¬† for the intake-outfall system. The objectives of the study are as follows

  • Conceptual Design of the intake-outfall by considering several pipe diameters and materials
  • Design of diffusers by considering various diameters and configurations of the diffuser ports and carrying out a model study to select the best diffuser configuration
  • Computing the volumes of the various materials involved and assisting the clients in preparation of bid documents
  • Technical specification for the bidders
  • Assisting the client in selecting the best bidder by carrying out a Technical Evaluation of the bids
  • Providing the general arrangements of the intake-outfall systems
  • Carrying out detailed engineering design, providing drawings and design documents for intake well, anchor blocks, diffuser systems etc.
  • Review of Materials/Workmanship
  • Site visits and supervision during execution of works
  • Client support during execution
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