Detailed Project Report for Puthupady to Muthanga


Aug, 2018

Project Name: Detailed Project Report for capacity augmentation to Two Lanes with paved shoulder configuration for NH 766 from Puthupady (Km 40/000) to Muthanga (Km 117/600) in the State of Kerala

Client: Public Works Department, National Highways, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Project Year: 2017

Project Description:  The project road from Puthupady (Km 40/000) to Muthanga (Km 117/600) is proposed for widening to two lane with paved shoulder. The length of road is 77.60 Km out of which 11.9 Km passes through Ghat section and 7.8 Km passes through forest section. The entire road is proposed for overlay and widening with flexible pavement. Detailed Project Report include detailed highway design, design of pavement and overlay with flexible pavements, design of 20 minor bridge, 209 Culverts, intersections and project facilities, quantities of various items, detailed working drawings, detailed cost estimates, economic and financial viability analyses, environmental and social feasibility, social and environmental action plans as appropriate and documents required for tendering the project on commercial basis for international / local competitive bidding.

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